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Friday, 29 January 2010

Chimera paint job

This is the first Chimera Ive painted to a gaming standard, theres more work to be done on it yet but I want to read up on battle damage and vehicle weathering before I finish it completley, If anyone knows where theres a good one let me know!!!

The pictures are Ok but im sure they'll get better with practice.

One list to rule them all?

Having finally managed to persuade Captain Yukka to nip round with his camera Ive finally managed to get some pics. I originally was supposed to head out to Vapnartak 2010 but Ive not been able to get the time off of work so my 1000 point painting dead line got extended!!

Myself, Captain Yukka, Cpt_Machine and Bradimus Prime have decided to run a friendly 40k league the reults table is on Captian Yukkas blog.

We decided to start it at 1000 points that needed to be painted by Vapnartak 2010 or by the end of febuary if we couldnt go. After a few lists I think this is the final one, the idea was that one list fits all and it gets built on as we go through the league

Company Command
Vox Caster

Platoon Command
3 Flamers
Vox Caster

Power Sword

Infantry Squad
Vox Caster

Infantry Squad

Veteran Squad
Melta Gun x 3

Veteran Squad
Melta Gun x 3

Heavy Weapons Squad
Auto Cannon x 3

Heavy Weapons Squad
LasCannon x 3

Leman Russ Demolisher


I liked the idea of having a bunch of foot sloggers who could rain massed Lasgun fire at dismounted infantry and could sit on an objective with support and using the "first rank second rank order" it gives you 40 shots at 24" or 60 at 12". If you field them as a single unit (which I tend to do), even with the BS3 and S3 thats not bad going, an average round of dice rolling should give a 10 marine squad a problem and lighter units orks, nids etc are going to take a kicking.

I gave them a Commisar in the hope that if they do get into close combat they wont run and gives me time to get some support up from the vets or move my heavy weapons teams to a safer possition if threatened.

Now support that unit with 3 las cannon for anti vehicle and 3 auto cannon for light vehicles, heavy infantry and monsterous creatures. A company command squad in 12" means you now have more options, "Bring it down" Raises the chances of killing or stopping vehicles and hopefully giving my guardsmen a nice target.

The Mech Vet squads speak for themselves, rush 'em forward to objective grab or use meltas and sacrifice them for some spot armour removal. The platoon command squad opperates inbetween the Vets and the Infantry to provide flamer support where they are needed.

I wanted some serious pie plate action so opted for a demolisher, heavy armour S10 AP1 gun should discorage my opponent from getting too close and a basilisk S9 AP 3to reach out and touch my opponents dug in units or clear objectives anywhere on the board.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Imperial Fists Terminator list

Me and a mate Bradimus Prime have been discussing a Terminator heavy marine list and heres what we (mainly him) have come up with. I favour the chaplin but he favours the Librarian. All in all small but really punchy.

Cpt Lysander 200

Space Marine Chaplin
Terminator Armour
Storm Bolter 130

Scout Squad with sniper rifles
additional 5 scouts 140

Scout Squad with sniper rifles
additional 5 scouts 140

Terminator Assault Squad
Thunder Hammers, Storm Shields
additional 5 Marines 400

Terminator Squad
Additional 5 Marines
Assault Cannons x 2
Chain Fists x 6 490

Total 1500

Monday, 18 January 2010

More Fisting

I've started the rest of the 5 man Imperial Fists Terminator squad, base coat of Bubonic Brown, wash with Delvan mud and other areas blacked out for later painting.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Imperial Fists

Having got really fed up with painting Imperial guard I decided to have a go at a Imperial Fists terminator. Its a bit messy but I've not tried to do a decent paint job for quite some time (snd the lad I get these off glued the bloody things togeather). Pic aint great quality but the best I can manage at the moment.

Friday, 15 January 2010

A Begining

Right, well I've never blogged before and the guys I play 40k with have all started blogging already so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon.
Ive been playing 40 since I was 10 over 23 years ago but after 10 years of historical wargaming snobbery I decided to start playing again.
Bought myself a load of necrons and played a few games but their inability to deal with heavy infantry and armourin 5th edition make them not a great choice at the moment, but a new codex is rumoured in summer this year so I cant wait. A friend of mine gave me a load of Cadian Imperial guard and I've been building them up since. I'll be posting pictures of my Figures later unit by unit as it gets painted but I need to wait for a mate to pop round with his camera until I pick a decent one of my own up.