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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Colonel Rubin Von Muller and Commisar Hans Von Struder

Ive been painting again. I've been bidding and trying to buy the Original metal Colonel from the old metal command pack and having seen it at daft prices from £15 - £30 I somehow managed to pick him and the whole squad up for £5.50 BARGIN!!!

I tried to paint these two figures at the best of my ability, these really are about as good as I can do at the moment. I tend to paint figures to be looked at at about a foot or two away so I was supprised at how untidy the pictures made my figures look. All in all though I'm happy with the results. I've been following The painting Corps and if you dont read it theres masses and masses of tip, hints and how to`s. It's inspired me to try more modeling rather than just painting and gaming.

He stands out with the white greatcoat and the shoulder pads tie him in to the army nicley.

I painted the Commisar in the usual way, black greatcoat etc, the red makes him "pop", Im not very happy with the gold and I may end up stripping him at some point and repainting. The Bolt pistol has quite obviously been drawn from Regimental stores and again gives him a tie in with the army.


  1. Excellent find mate, a whole squad for less than a blister - excellent models mate.

  2. Dey got purdy coats! Cant wait to kill em ;)

  3. Nice shading on the white coat there. And while I agree that the gold is less than perfect on the Commissar, There aren't alot of colors that would work well in it's place. You might go with sort of a shadow-grey color, but ultimately, I think I'd be content with him as is. My philosophy is why go back and repaint an existing figure, when there are so many figures completely devoid of paint that're starving for attention!

  4. Any chance of a tutorial on painting flesh, your colours are nice and dark.