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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Making a Scene

I've been talking about getting an airbrush for some time now and having chewed the fat with the wife and some suggestions from my regular opponent Brad (of the Space wolves Blog fame) I went ahead and bought one.

What fun I've had, and frustrations. Getting the paint mix right is difficult, too thick and you have to unblock and clean the airbrush and to thin the paint wont cover and you end up with splatter marks everywhere.

Ive not tried to paint any miniatures with it yet but I figured that the easiest thing to practice on was scenery.

Our scenery at the moment is pretty basic so I thought i'd try and get something more impressive on the table and I've been looking for an excuse to buy the Honoured Imperium set, Its got a giant Space marine statue, what's not to like!!

This took me two attempts but it turned out nice on the second.

I primed it with chaos black, then did a 1/1 mix of chaos black and Adeptus Battlegrey, then started adding white until I was happy with final colour.
I then sealed it with GW Purity Seal to stop the thin layers of paint coming off.
I then washed the minature with Devlan mud mixed 1/1 with car windscreen cleaner and when dried a wash of Badab Black again mixed 1/1 with car windscreen cleaner.
I then added some Army Painter Jungle Tuft in the recesses to give the impression of it being stood for may years.

Finally, I know that its going to take some knocking so I gave it a coat of Testors Dullcoat to flatten the shine, protect from chipping and help the tufts to adhere to the model.

My intention is to build a Memorial garden on an A4 size sheet of plasticard for this to sit in, Im looking at the Garden of Morr set and the Aquilla from the Honoured Imperium set. I need to pick the bits up before I can get stated

Im in the process of doing an Adeptus Mechanicus building which Ill post up when complete.

Thanks for reading (If anyone does)
Von Muller

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Battle Report 18/08/2011

Black Templar s V`s Orks 1850 points

Today a mate of mine came over bringing his 3 battle-wagon Ork list wanting to take on my Black Templar list, set up was Dawn of war, Annihilation.

The lists

Black Templar

Marshall In terminator Armour, Adamantite Mantle, Storm Shield, Chain fist.
Emperors champion, Accept any challenge no matter the odds (vow).
Sword Brethren Terminator Assault Squad, 4 Lightning Claws and 6 Thunder hammer.
Sword Brethren Terminator Squad, 2 Cylcone launchers, 3 Power fists.
Sword Brethren Terminator Squad, 2 Cylcone launchers, 3 Power fists.
Crusader Squad, 4 x Bolt pistol, 1 Lascannon, Rhino (Smoke Launchers)
Crusader Squad, 4 x Bolt pistol, 1 Lascannon, Rhino (Smoke Launchers)
Crusader Squad, 4 x Boltgun, 1 Lascannon.
Landspeeder Typhoon.
Landspeeder Typhoon.

The Stinking Orks

Ghazghkull Thraka
Big mek
Meganobz x4 (battlewagon with deff Rolla)
Nobz x 6 ( Painboy, battlewagon with deff Rolla)
`Ardboyz X11 with Nob with Powerclaw (truck)
Boyz x 20 with Nob with Powerclaw
Battlewagon with Deffrolla
Gretchin x 10 with Runtherder
Rocket buggyz x 3
Rocket buggyz x 3
Deff Dread

Large buildings dominated the centre of the board with hills in each corner and craters running through both the deployment zones.

I won deployment and chose to position a Crusader squad on a hill on my left flank and to bring everything else on turn one except for the 2 crusader squads in their Rhinos which went into reserve.. My opponent deployed a Deff Dread on my right flank and and Gazgul Thraka with his mega Nobz in a building on my left straddling the half way line, an attempt to seize the initiative failed leaving me with the first turn.

I move a Terminator squad and a Crusader squad on my left flank , the Sword Brethren Assault squad with the Marshal and the Emperors Champion directly opposite Gaz and accompanying Nobsz with the intention of steam rolling the centre and forcing his wagons to disgorge his orks and deal with them or be dealt with. On the right of the Assault Termies I moved the second Sword Brethren Cyclone squad up onto a slight hill where they could see the Deff Dread through cover. On my extreme right I deployed the two Typhoons hoping to tempt some of his army to come over and deal with them and away from the bulk of my army. Most of my army managed to unload into Gaz and his mates doing nothing but one of my Typhoons fired a salvo of missiles into the Dred which exploded in impressive style.

Neils Orks move up over the field towards the half way line smoke poring from inefficient promethium burning combustion engines, just about everything moving flat out . Gaz and his mates moved through the building towards my line.

Turn 2 was the main event for me, after some firing that killed a couple of rocket buggys and did not much else I assaulted Gaz with The Marshall and his squad and in neils turn he fed a wagon full of boys into the ensuing melee once the dust settled I was down 5 terminators and the Emperors champoin and I wiped out a squad of boys and Gaz and his mates. after turn 2 I was up 4 killpoints to 1.

Turn 3 - After some firing from my typhoons wiped out a unit of war buggies and my cyclones and other anti tank fire. Two of his deff rolaz tanked shocked the marshall and his unit who FAILED their moral and ran away!!!

Turn 4 - One of the battle wagons tank shocked the unit of cyclones on my right flank and exploded when a Sword Brother punched a hole in the engine and made it explode and the second battle wagon full of Nobs tried to run over the Marshall who hit the fuel tank with his chain fist making that one explode too and as it moved flat out the Nobs inside died a horrid squishy death. On my left the Cyclones killed the truck with the Hard boyz in it the assaulted the contents leaving the Nob running for his life having killed 2 Brothers. The Crusader squad on the right fired its lascannon and killed the last battlewagon. at the end of turn 4 Neil conceded the game and I had won 14 kill points - 1.


I got lucky with neils deployment, Had he not deployed so far forward I would not have been able to get into him so early on. He didn't put enough into the Assault terminators to deal with them early on. His attack came in fragmented and I was able to pick apart his attack with my shooting. I think I played well this game with makes a nice change and I was lucky with some of the dice rolling (although Neil made 9 2+ saves on Gaz on turn 2). Neil is a first class opponent.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Black and Holy!!!

Its been a long long time since I posted anything as those few of you that have read my blog have seen.
I really seem to struggle to spend time to get stuff on line (not that it takes long) but I've never been a writer.

Since the last time I posted I been to 2 tournaments coming in the middle of the field each time, not bad to say they were my first competitive games. At Vapnatak I played the Best and third best in the country at the time and got soundly spanked by both.

Great fun though.

Since I finished the Guard I have moved onto an army I wanted to do for many years....Black Templars. A friend of mine had a gaming shop in St. Helens and before he sold it he did me a rather good deal on a stack of Marines...

I also acquired a large quantity of Marine Bikers but that a project for another day...

So I've not really done that much work on them so far. Some small conversions and some simple green stuffing.

The first Marine I finished was my Marshall, Geared with a chain fist and storm shield. The cloak was a simple piece of green stuffing, rolled it flat then let it get passed the sticky stage, and moulded it on the miniature. Once it dried took it off, sprayed black then painted.

I've used GW paints in the main with one or two Vallejo colours. The Shield is one of the awesome Forgeworld Storm Shields, they seem to be really clean casts and the detail is fantastic. The shoulder pads are from Scribor and again these are really nice casts with very little clean-up needed. I made the cloak from green stuff, this is my first experience of making something with this product and frankly it was a pain to work with but well worth the effort I think. I pleased with the overall results.

I cant recommend the Scribor accessories enough. The can take some trimming to get them to fit but well worth the minimal effort required. The only negative thing I have to say is the Resin is very very britle and some of the parts are prone to breaking if your not careful with them.

The Marshal has a storm shield and chain fist, 5 attacks on the charge he can reliably kill light and heavy infantry and has a good chance of popping a raider if and when the need arises. I've also been using him to get at support units, he deals with Ork nobs and Wolves Longfangs well and the fact he give the whole armt leadership 10 is a massive bonus for the zeal moves and target selection for the kill them all rule.

I'm running him with a 10 Man Terminator assault squad consisting of 4 Lightning claws and 6 Thunder hammer/Storm Shields which I almost have finished and will post once the last one is done (this weeks at some point).

Fingers crossed I'll be posting again by the weekend but I can only paint so fast. Might have a go at a battle report sometime too.

Thanks for taking the time to read....