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Monday, 8 August 2011

Black and Holy!!!

Its been a long long time since I posted anything as those few of you that have read my blog have seen.
I really seem to struggle to spend time to get stuff on line (not that it takes long) but I've never been a writer.

Since the last time I posted I been to 2 tournaments coming in the middle of the field each time, not bad to say they were my first competitive games. At Vapnatak I played the Best and third best in the country at the time and got soundly spanked by both.

Great fun though.

Since I finished the Guard I have moved onto an army I wanted to do for many years....Black Templars. A friend of mine had a gaming shop in St. Helens and before he sold it he did me a rather good deal on a stack of Marines...

I also acquired a large quantity of Marine Bikers but that a project for another day...

So I've not really done that much work on them so far. Some small conversions and some simple green stuffing.

The first Marine I finished was my Marshall, Geared with a chain fist and storm shield. The cloak was a simple piece of green stuffing, rolled it flat then let it get passed the sticky stage, and moulded it on the miniature. Once it dried took it off, sprayed black then painted.

I've used GW paints in the main with one or two Vallejo colours. The Shield is one of the awesome Forgeworld Storm Shields, they seem to be really clean casts and the detail is fantastic. The shoulder pads are from Scribor and again these are really nice casts with very little clean-up needed. I made the cloak from green stuff, this is my first experience of making something with this product and frankly it was a pain to work with but well worth the effort I think. I pleased with the overall results.

I cant recommend the Scribor accessories enough. The can take some trimming to get them to fit but well worth the minimal effort required. The only negative thing I have to say is the Resin is very very britle and some of the parts are prone to breaking if your not careful with them.

The Marshal has a storm shield and chain fist, 5 attacks on the charge he can reliably kill light and heavy infantry and has a good chance of popping a raider if and when the need arises. I've also been using him to get at support units, he deals with Ork nobs and Wolves Longfangs well and the fact he give the whole armt leadership 10 is a massive bonus for the zeal moves and target selection for the kill them all rule.

I'm running him with a 10 Man Terminator assault squad consisting of 4 Lightning claws and 6 Thunder hammer/Storm Shields which I almost have finished and will post once the last one is done (this weeks at some point).

Fingers crossed I'll be posting again by the weekend but I can only paint so fast. Might have a go at a battle report sometime too.

Thanks for taking the time to read....


  1. wow that is a big pile of marines. what have you got?

  2. Thats not all of it but I think the stuff in the picture is ;

    3 Razorback
    3 Predators
    1 Landraider crusader
    4 Terminator Squads
    2 Terminator Assault squads
    2 Marine assault Squads
    4 Tactical Squads
    2 Black templar upgrades

    Ive also picked up 4 more razorbacks, 6 landspeeder typhoons, 5 more assault terminators, 2 more landraider crusaders, 1 forgeworld Venerable dreadnought, 2 assault on blackreach dreads and a heap of plastic and metal marines.

    All for about £300 or so