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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

He coulda been a contender!!

So as promised many many moons ago heres my take on Marbo.

I convered the Ripper Pistol from a las pistol arm and a Space Marine Scout combat shotgun, I wanted it to look real nasty and something only a super human like Marbo could use.
Marbos most useful turn two demo charge has a massive effect on the battlefield, really put the whillies up your opponent cos they just dont know where the sneeky bugger is hiding!!
I built the model as per a normal guardsman then repositioned the arms with pins and a wee bit of green stuff. The Gillie suit is made from small pieces of bandage after pulling the weave apart and soaking in neat PVA wood glue, allowed it to set on the figure then sprayed black and painted. Quite simple to do and I have to say Im rather pleased with the result.


  1. Nice, looking forward to playing Demo-charge roulette with him this weekend ;)

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