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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Making a Scene

I've been talking about getting an airbrush for some time now and having chewed the fat with the wife and some suggestions from my regular opponent Brad (of the Space wolves Blog fame) I went ahead and bought one.

What fun I've had, and frustrations. Getting the paint mix right is difficult, too thick and you have to unblock and clean the airbrush and to thin the paint wont cover and you end up with splatter marks everywhere.

Ive not tried to paint any miniatures with it yet but I figured that the easiest thing to practice on was scenery.

Our scenery at the moment is pretty basic so I thought i'd try and get something more impressive on the table and I've been looking for an excuse to buy the Honoured Imperium set, Its got a giant Space marine statue, what's not to like!!

This took me two attempts but it turned out nice on the second.

I primed it with chaos black, then did a 1/1 mix of chaos black and Adeptus Battlegrey, then started adding white until I was happy with final colour.
I then sealed it with GW Purity Seal to stop the thin layers of paint coming off.
I then washed the minature with Devlan mud mixed 1/1 with car windscreen cleaner and when dried a wash of Badab Black again mixed 1/1 with car windscreen cleaner.
I then added some Army Painter Jungle Tuft in the recesses to give the impression of it being stood for may years.

Finally, I know that its going to take some knocking so I gave it a coat of Testors Dullcoat to flatten the shine, protect from chipping and help the tufts to adhere to the model.

My intention is to build a Memorial garden on an A4 size sheet of plasticard for this to sit in, Im looking at the Garden of Morr set and the Aquilla from the Honoured Imperium set. I need to pick the bits up before I can get stated

Im in the process of doing an Adeptus Mechanicus building which Ill post up when complete.

Thanks for reading (If anyone does)
Von Muller


  1. Any tricks to get the paint to the correct thinness?

  2. Well yeah but could you tell just by looking at it? or streaking it with a paintbrush on ceramic?

  3. it tends to splatter if its too thin or not come out at all if its too thick

  4. Yeah, I know that :P
    I'm just wondering if this mysterious thinness/thickness of paint can be measured, to ensure future consistency and thus, to avoid said splatter/clogging issues.