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Friday, 2 September 2011

Project Mechanicus Scenery

Hello again you horde of avid readers (if only)

Its been a week or two since my last post but after a stint under the surgeons knife I managed to get this piece done during my sick time when I could sit down.

Me and Brad have decided we need to update our scenery as most of it is spray painted black and dry brushed silver or grey. Now I have an airbrush it makes getting nice even coats on large areas fairly easy once you have the paint mix right.

I find that I prefer to work with very thin paints in lots of light layers, I get best results (so far) watering GW paints 1 part paint to 8-10 parts car windscreen washer fluid and Vellejo paints 1 part paint to 5-8 parts car windscreen washer fluid depending on the paint thickness. I've yet to find a GW foundation paint that will go through the brush without clogging it up.

I base coated this with chaos black first then built up layers of Scab Red adding Blood red for coats 3 and 4 spraying at 45 degrees down onto the building then finally giving the whole model a final highlight of the final red mix with 1/1 Orange again sprayed at 45 degrees. Once that was dry I then sealed it with a thin coat of Satin Varnish to stop the paint rubbing off.
The whole building was then washed with Devlan mud, Badab Black then Vellejo Smoky Brown Ink all thinned 1/1 with car windscreen washer fluid ( I love this stuff for paint thinning). It was just a matter then of picking out rivets, dials and the Mechanicus symbols and all the other bits etc to finish it all off.
The flooring is a sheet of 4mm black plasti-card with the GW movement tray making up the chessboard style flooring. The rubble is sand and PVA glue mixed and some cut and trimmed sprue for fallen girders.

I'm pleased with this building , other than the Space marine statue its really the only piece of scenery I have done. The airbrush is fantastic for this kind of work, I have a large corner building to do in the same style so I think I may do a step by step for anyone that is interested.

Thanks for reading if anyone does (excluding Dr Titch!!)

Von Muller

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  1. Nice work mate. Like the alternative red scheme - i'm kindda stuck on the 'everything must be grey in the 41st Millenium' mode! Will have to give this red scheme a try though!