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Friday, 9 September 2011

Not so fine, fine cast Emperors Champion

Look at me, another week and another post.

A Black Templar army has to include an Emperors Champion as part of its force Organisation. There`s no way round it he is a have to have in the list. But why would ou not want him? He`s fantastic for the points, all 90 of them with vows that effect your army even if he get vaporised.
The only vow I use is Accept any Challenge no matter what the odds at the princely sum of 50 points. This give your ENTIRE army the preferred enemy universal rule, yes that's right if it aint a vehicle you get to re-roll failed to hits in assault. This means that your Lightning Claw terminators re-roll hits and wounds which then re-roll to wound, even your dreadnoughts get the re-rolls!!

I wanted the Champion to stand out from my Templar so after doing some looking on the web I came across a couple of guys that painted theirs white or with large amounts of white on them so I thought I pinch the idea.

The shield is from scribor and the cloak is just some very thin greenstuff with some jeweller`s chain.

Its worth mentioning that this is the 11th EC model i bought, all the others had large imperfections on them and even this model has a whacking great fissure running horizontally about 50 mm long just below the breastplate. I gave up taking it back in the end and made do deciding it actually looked OK so I didn't bother to fill it with greenstuff.

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