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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

More of the same

Well, if anyone still reads this blog you may be interested to know, I am in fact alive.

I've been painting like crazy tying to get a 1750 Black Templar army painted for a tournament in Bristol this coming weekend. When I agreed to go 2 weeks ago I had a mountain of minis to paint, 15 marines, 2 Rhino, 1 Terminator, venerable dread and a land raider....At the rate I usually paint that's enough to keep me going for 3 months.

Well as of last night I have everything done bar 5 marines and they are at the 50% done mark, I'm rather pleased with myself if I'm honest at the speed at which Ive completed the project and I'm mostly happy with the resulting paint jobs.

Ill post my list and the horrors I faced after the weekend but for now Ill drop some pics in of the stuff I got painted in the last weeks.

The free hand is not something Ive ever really tried before. I am VERY happy with the way this has turned out. Not bad I think for a first attempt. I'm running 3 squads in Rhinos with Pistols and swords with a Las Cannon in each for long range firepower to support the cyclone Termies. I hope its enough.

The Raider is not finished yet, I need to damage the hull up a bit like I did with my Rhinos to make it fit better with the rest of the army. The Land raider is the only way the disconcerting Assault Terminator should travel.

This Pic is before I gave it its first coat of sealer, I used Purity seal which then went all frosty on me, the result inst all that bad as the dull coat managed to repair most of the damage. I will never use GW Purity Seal again. It almost destroyed 10 hours of work on a forge world mini. You may notice that the banner with the dead dude strapped to it is missing. I really didn't like it on this fella so I decided to leave it off. I may use it on a 2Nd raider at some point.

I hope you like what you see.

Von Muller out

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