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Friday, 15 January 2010

A Begining

Right, well I've never blogged before and the guys I play 40k with have all started blogging already so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon.
Ive been playing 40 since I was 10 over 23 years ago but after 10 years of historical wargaming snobbery I decided to start playing again.
Bought myself a load of necrons and played a few games but their inability to deal with heavy infantry and armourin 5th edition make them not a great choice at the moment, but a new codex is rumoured in summer this year so I cant wait. A friend of mine gave me a load of Cadian Imperial guard and I've been building them up since. I'll be posting pictures of my Figures later unit by unit as it gets painted but I need to wait for a mate to pop round with his camera until I pick a decent one of my own up.

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