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Friday, 26 March 2010

We took a hammering Sir!!

Last night played Cpt_Yukka with his Tau and what a pasting I took!!

I took a gamble and scout moved my Vendetta gun ships to try to remove his hammer head turn 1 and banked on seizing the initiative which failed and they all smoking wrecks after his shooting in turn two. With my Chimeras and Demolisher's getting immobilised or knocked out I was never really able to get to grips with his army. When I did manage it I hammered him but good but by then it was too little too late. He had me flanked and spanked (and the dice gods were with him) at one point he made nine 4+ cover saves with a single unit. I missed a charge with Marbo (what a guy!!) and he got cooked plasma style buy fire warriors.

The game has got me thinking that perhaps the demolisher's might not be worth their points, sure the big ass S 10 AP 2 pie plate is nice but the short range was a real draw back in this game but for the 5 points less I can get a standard Russ with a lascannon with a much bigger range but I loose 2 points of S and 1 point of AP.

I don't know if 3 vet squads in 1500 points is enough but Ill keep plugging away at it.

If anyone has any thoughts lemmie know



  1. That scout move depending on seizing the initiative was way too risky. I think some reserve and outflank action was required there. We can talk tactics when you pick your reinforcements up.

  2. Never liked demolishers myself, not much use other than as shot magnets. The Range is too short meaning you probably have to spend a turn moving them into position, which is one less turn firing them. and being such a scary beast that firts tuyrn is probably the only turn it will get a chance to fire.

  3. To be fair mate the only real mistake you made all game was with the Vendetta's - everything else was pretty much bang on it was just losing such a big chunk of your army so early cost you big style.

    I think you have been a touch hard on yourself, at the middle of the game I was starting to worry a bit that things were going to do their usual (i.e. a glimmer of hope for a Tau win and then cruelly snatched away!) as you were really pouring the pressure on me.

    The only thing I would have changed about your tactics other than the Vendetta's would have been to overcome your little blind spot when it comes to objectives - I'd have had a scoring unit parked on top of yours. By the end of my turn 5 I'd still not captured it even though you didn't have anything close to it so if you'd had something sat on top of it, it would have forced the draw unless we went to turn 6.

  4. @ Commissar Harris ; The Demolisher is fantastic, slabs of armour and a big ass gun. Your right though, the crappy range is a big draw back. I might try a pair of Leman Russ in its place with las cannons and see how that works.

    @ Captain Yukka ; I couldn't maintain the pressure down the centre and when you popped your reserves behind me I didn't have enough to recover. Ill get ye next time lol.