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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Blog Wars 2 - the aftermath!!

So Im back from Blog Wars 2 run by Alex at From the Fang and I have to say what a good event, Well run, great players and a good, fun event.

There was a great mix of tournament regulars, bloggers and the guys from 40kUK were there too. This tournament is on my list to head to whenever it comes up.

I played 3 games each of 2 hours 30 min each with primary and secondary objectives which I will list as i go through the missions and how I did.

I had intended to take photos of all the turns for each game but I kept forgetting...what a numpty.

Game 1 V`s Graham Sanders Tyranids from Rogue Trader Blog

The mission was kill points with the special character worth 2 and Dawn of war.

I was not happy about facing doom with a full foot slogging list, in fact I felt my bum hole tighten at the prospect.

I was however not a problem, at the end of tun 2 the Assault Brethren had killed 2 Spores, a Carnefex and 2 Zonthropes and the rest of the army accounted for another Spore, Doom and put some wounds on the remaining Fex and I had not taken any significant casualties.

By the bottom of turn 4 he had lost his Tyrant, the remaining Fex the last of the Thropes and all the remaining spores. The Assault Brethren were eating his army and the Tervigons were pumping out kill points.

By the time the game ended I had 1800+ VP and 16 kill points and not lost a single unit. The assault Brethren had scored 9 of those kill points by themselves, they gave me the massive win. Helbrecht performed well against the trash but did bugger all against the bigger, more important stuff. at 1 point he kicked out his full 8 attacks on the charge but that was his highlight.

That win shoved me straight up to table 2 playing Gary "the voice" Percival from the 40kUK podcast and his Deathwing army.

Turns 1-4 saw all my Crusaders killed by a mad amount of Krak missiles and he lost a few terminators to massed fire and exploding speeders.

Turn 5 after some manoeuvring I managed to get into assault range of his command squad and needed a 6 on a charge through difficult terrain which I got and then over the next 2 turns the Assault Brethren wiped them out and he fed them 2 more 5 man assault units which the obligingly ate and when the game ended turn 6 he had 3 table quarters to my 1 giving him 3-0 on Primary objectives but I had scored 3 points on secondary objective through victory points making it 0-3 to me. So after checking with Alex we had a draw.

This game went to a draw but only because Gary made a game of it, he could have won this one by reversing his army pouring fire into my assault unit, I may never have caught him as I spent a turn dithering with them midfield.

Game 3 saw me playing against Dave Symcox, the host of 40kUK who quite frankly outplayed me, 3 turns of firing from 4 grey hunter packs and long fangs and some other stuff left me with bugger all left. I got ground out, the game may have gone differently if I hadn't made a mistake with failed charge but I got comprehensively spanked.

That game cost me 2nd or 3rd place.

I did however play pretty well, my list (excluding Helbrecht) was awesome, the Assault Terminators are epic. I have read stuff on this website and I disagree that gun lines are the way forward for Templar's, If you want a gun line play guard or car parking Grey Knights.
Templar's are about shoving a spiky unit down you opponents throat!!

So I think I placed 4th but it wasn't so clear on the evening so I shall edit this post once Alex publishes is on From the Fang.

I did after all my complaining about him win best painted Special Character in the evening for Helbrecht so I went away very pleased with my performance playing and my painting.

I would like to thank Alex for a great event, one which I shall be making every effort to attend when ever he runs one. and I encourage anyone that reads this to take part too.

Its a great opportunity to meet other bloggers and bullshit with them.

Von Muller out....

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