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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

So I've managed to get time in for a few games tomorrow with Brad from the Sons of Sanguinius blog. I have a couple of lists in mind to try. One is my assault Terminator heavy list and the other is a missile spam list.

The assault list needs me to be very aggressive and I struggle with this, I tend to loose focus and sometimes and up going backwards with the unit letting my opponent decide how the game is played.

The second list is a missile spam list, 3 x 5 termies with double cyclones and 3 x 2 Typhoons, it kicks out loads of missiles 12 of them tank hunting but it feels very gun line.

Both lists have 3 x 5 man crusader squads in them, I know popular opinion is that I should run bigger squads but to be honest I just cant justify spending the points on probably the most disappointing unit in the codex, I only have the minimum because I have to.

The lists win by stopping my denying my opponent the ability to score. I either shove a great big assault squad down their throat of blow them off the board with massed missile fire.

I am going to try a Chaplain with servitors, fearless and making me auto pass moral checks means the assault terminators automatically pass any zeal checks they need to make meaning the potential to roll on D6+3 after a casualty makes them an even bigger threat.

Ill let post tomorrow letting you know know the lists got on and what I've decided on.

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