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Friday, 2 December 2011


So, for Blog Wars 2 I needed to paint 3 Terminators, 1 Cyclone Terminator and Helbrecht, I finished the job last night at about midnight.

The terminators came out as expected and fit very nicely with their brethren but I just couldn't get Helbrecht right. I don't know what it is with this figure, it's a cracking mini with loads of detail and a sculpt which radiates menace but I just couldn't get a paint job I was happy with.

Characters are supposed to be just that, characterful, loads of detail and plenty of time spent on them, he had about 10 hours of my time. I'm just disappointed with the way he turned out. He fits in nicely with the rest of the army and will most certainly stand out but I think he might have to get a dipping and repainted in the same style as my Champion, but another day.


So I thought I would do a review of Helbrecht, see what my expectations of him are and then after Blog Wars tomorrow I post how he actually did.

His stat line is more or less the same as a Marine Captain with the exception of 4 wounds and attacks rather than 3 so a little underwhelming for this Templar badass so far. He does however give me Rites of Battle which means all my units may use his leadership whilst he is alive, combined with my normal Marshal (who I'm beginning to this is better) means I can loose one of them without dropping to 8 leadership (important when your army is subject to the target priority rule).

He does come tooled up with all the bells and whistles including a combi-melta which is nice as I have zero in my list without him meaning that I may well get to pop a Land Raider if I come up against one. He also has Bionics, Articifer Armour, Crusader seals, frag and krak and the sword of the High Marshall's which is a Master Crafted power weapon that gives him +D3 attacks in the first round of assault.

The sword I not going to make a whole heap of difference when I think about it, Ok, 8 attacks on the charge is awesome but its only at S4 and with Accept any challenge I think the average kills is only 3 or 4 against marine equivalents. He will however be locked up in a nice big bubble wrap blanket of assault Terminators, my Terminator Marshal and the Champion, so I how he is going to be fairly hard to kill.

I think where this guy comes into his own is if I were to run a "Black Tide" style list, he can take a non Terminator Command Squad with an additional 5 Neophytes one of whom can be a company or fighting company standard bearer. Its possible (at great cost) to run a massive 19 man command squad with feel no pain that get extra attack, counter attack and re-roll failed pinning and moral checks with furious charge. Scary bad eh?

I can see that being used in a friendly game but it would get crushed utterly in a tournament environment.

So as I type this I feel kind of sad that I decided to run Helbrecht but I am hopeful he will prove me wrong by doing something unexpected.

My goals tomorrow? Win at least one game. That's all, just one little game, not one where my opponent rolls badly or my dice are on fire, just one where I play better than my opponent...we shall see.

Wish me luck!!

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