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Monday, 5 December 2011

Year End?

Next stop - Caladonian Uprising

So after some small success at Blog Wars 2 the next event I'm attending is Caladonian Uprising which will be the
beginning of my second tournament season.

So how did I do year 1?

Vapnartak - Middle of the field with Imperial Guard.
Openwar - Middle of the field with Imperial Guard.
Onslaught - Middle of the field with Black Templars and Best painted army (players Choice).
Blog War 2 - Top quarter with Black Templars and Best painted Special Character.

Thats really not bad at all, far better than I expected if im honest. My soft scores are good but my playing could be rather allot better. Now I'm not kidding myself, I'm not a bad player but I'm no ETC winner either. I play for fun more thank anything else and I happy with midfield and I think the painting score mean more to me than the tournament placings. That is not to say that I wont be playing harder and trying to place better and I think I have the codex that is capable of doing it.

How do I intent to do this?

I need to play slower; I suffer from giddy idiot syndrome. If i see a jucy target I tend to go for it, I forget to run units, I get ahead of myself and sometimes miss the obvious that then go on to cost me opportunities, points and victories.

Know the rules; I still dont know the deployment types by heart and feel like a bit of a doughnut reading the rule book so I don't look like an idiot, and some of the missions are a mystery to me. Not knowing what I can and cannot do has again and again cost me dear,
many times, at Blogwars it may have cost me 2nd or 3rd place or even a crack at 1st (maybe not).

Think more about what I'm doing and how I want to acheave it; On several occasions this year even playing friendlys I have dithered with units that really needed to be doing something. Particularly with the big Assault Terminator unit I've had them lounging about in midfield and they have ended up doing nothing, I don't deploy as well as I could, I deploy units I should reserve, I'm more concerned with getting the shot instead of conserving my units, I just cannot be trusted to run a Land raider with all those guns itching to be fired.

Next year I hope to do better, I'm booked into Caladonian Uprising at 1850 points and Vapnartak at 1000 points and I want to get a 3rd one in by the end of march if I can but we shall see!!

Next year I intend to try to run the footsloggers throughout next year and I'll keep tweeking the list as I go. Im taking a list Bradimus Prime has dubbed "The Thunder Bummer" to Caladonian and a variation of that to Vapnartak, I have discussed the list with a few of the tournament regulars and they have all reacted in the same way, fear!!!

I also intend to get some better photos up of my Templars and start putting them up so you can see the progress I've made. I still have a couple thousand points of Templar to paint so I want to get cracking through them and if the rumour mill is to be believed Templar's will get a new codex in 2012 so it may throw up some more army list possibilities...we shall see.

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